Brigitta Nemeth

Desk Ramo

Desk Ramo

The space in which our creativity unfolds can be reduced in our minds but in reality we need space that helps us to create, without having to think about the space itself. I have asked myself: what is really important in a desk? An optimal work surface, freedom of movement, room at the legs, maximum lighting, storage space and for there to be no distraction to help organise thoughts. My goal was to create a place that offers everything you need for work. The functions of this table are not visible at first, but everything is there and also individually adjustable.


Oak wood

I think the ideas of Le Corbusier on small space design are very interesting, so I came up with the plan to create an object which looks different, depending on the size of the room. If you take a look at the table in a smaller room, it appears smaller, more compact and elegant. You only see the top of the desk, the branches and the legs. If you take a look from further away in a bigger room, you start to notice the side parts and the storage. The size of the table is chosen consciously. The working at the desk is effortless as you can reach everything easily.

Storage is important to stow items. That's why I built three drawers; two small and one larger in the middle. This arrangement was designed to improve working, so the user doesn’t have to move far to use the side drawers.


The lamp is integrated in the table, but still flexible. You can place it at one side of the table or the other and it gives perfect light from either side. This is of great benefit as the shadows of a left- or right- handed person are different.


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